We are specialised in computer service and repair.We can repair troubled computers,optimize good computers,or build new systems customized to your specific needs.We let you in on the steps we take and endeavor to answer all your computer questions.

Our consultants are trained to fix most technical problems, whether it is a software or hardware related issue, MAC or PC. Perhaps, your computer has crashed or maybe you would like broadband installed for a speedier Internet connection. Whatever the problem - we can help.

Whether you need a PC CARE Techy come to your place or a quick fix over the phone, pc care makes it fast, simple and convenient. If you're not sure exactly what you need, call +971-4-323 3320 for advice.

Computer Support Microsoft Support
computer support  

Computer Tech Support
Online& Live Computer Support
Remote Computer Support
Dell Support,HP Support
Toshiba,Lenova,IBM Support
Sony Support
Acer Support
PC Support
Linksys Support
Xbox Support

microsoft support Windows Vista Upgrade
Windows Repair
MS Office Support
MS Outlook Configuration
Windows Repair
Windows XP Upgrade
Windows Vista Support
Microsoft Office 2010 Help
Microsoft Office 2010 Help
Windows 7 Upgrade
PC Tune Up
Antivirus Help
pc tune up   Computer Repair Services 
Online Computer Repair
Boost PC Speed
Repair Dll File
PC Performance Check
Online Registry Repair
Registry Repair 
Computer Installation&Optimization
PC Health Check & Repair
Fatal Error Support
antivirus help Exe & Worm Virus Removal
Virus Troubleshooting
Virus Fix,Removal & Support
Spyware Removal 
Online Computer Security
Configure Firewall
Virus Scanning
Fix Virus Spyware
Virus Troubleshooting
Peripheral Support Advisory Services

HP & Dell Printer Support
Fix Sound Card
Printer & Scanner Support
Wi-Fi Installation
Data Back Up
Blue Screen Error
Install Printer
Laser Jet Support
Gaming Support
Sound Card Trouble Shooting


Kids Safe Online
Shop with me
Show me
You tell me
Networthy test
Mobile Services
Syn me windows mobile(Premium)
Syn me windows mobile
Premium iPhone sync me(Premium)
IiPhone Sync Me

Data Recovery Services
data recovery services  
Corrupted files
Hard disk noise
Accidentally deleted files
Component failure
3.5" ATA (IDE, EIDE)
Serial ATA
2.5" Laptop drives
1.8" Laptop drives
USB external drives
FireWire external drives
MP3 player drives

NAS (Network Attached Storage)
RAID 0 - Striped disk array
RAID 1 - Mirroring and duplexing
RAID 2 - Error-correcting coding
RAID 3 - Bit-interleaved parity
RAID 4 - Dedicated parity drive
RAID 5 - Block interleaved distributed parity
RAID 6 - Independent data disks with double parity
RAID 7 - Adds caching to levels 3 or 4
RAID 0 1 - High data transfer performance
RAID 10 - High reliability combined with high performance
RAID 50 - High I/O rates & Data transfer performance
RAID S - EMC striped parity RAID system
SAN (Storage Area Network)
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