Creating secure passwords


How do password crackers work?

If someone wants to crack your password unfortunately they are not going to sit in front of your computer and try to guess it one word at a time (unless they already have a pretty good idea of what it might be). It is likely that they will use a piece of password cracking software to look at millions of possible combinations a second. Password cracking software usually starts by going through every word in the dictionary and after that will try different combinations of words, numbers, letters and symbols until they find your password.

How do I make my password secure?

Simple maths dictates that the longer and more random the combinations of letters, numbers and symbols you use, the longer it will take to crack and unless your criminal has until the end of the universe to wait, chances are they will get bored and move on. So next time you are asked to dream up a password, try and make it something the gods of mathematics would be proud of. Remember though that your password is only useful if you can remember it - writing it down on a piece of paper is not an option!
Creating a secure password

There are a few easy tips to make a secure password. Your password should contain 8 or more characters, at least one digit (0-9), one capital letter and one symbol. It should not contain any dictionary words. An example of a good password would be:


To help remember this password, it is constructed out of things which I would remember. (Tr)ain (St)ation (Ma)lvern is the (1)first station I get onto in the (*)morning.

Have a play with your own passwords and see what you can come up with.

Upgrading your web browser

Why you should upgrade your browser

Upgrading to the latest version of Internet explorer (or any browser) is usually a good idea. The two main reasons you should upgrade are security and performance

Security benefits

Newer browsers incorporate new security features designed to keep you safe when you’re browsing online. These feature include anti-phishing protection to identify suspicious websites, domains highlighting and more. When it comes to security, there is only so much “patching” that can be done to improve the performance of older browsers, so getting a newer browser is essential for your continued online security in the same way that updating your Windows installation is important.

Performance benefits

The other, more aesthetic reason to upgrade your browser is to allow web pages to display as they were intended by their designers. While in the past, each browser had its own way of interpreting a website’s code, today, browsers are better at confirming to what are known as Web Standards. This makes it much easier for designers to produce web pages that will display the same to everyone, regardless of which browser they are using. 
So, if you’re a home user who uses internet banking, or who buys things online, make sure you update to the latest version of your browser ASAP.

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