Got a question? need a helping hand? Here’s a selections of our tech tips to gizmo guide subscribers who’ve asked for our assistance.


Q: I'm getting hundreds of spam emails from Nigeria. How do I get out of this situation?

From Margaret.

A: Hi Margaret, large email providers like Gmail and Hotmail provide a good level of spam filtering and should block those emails automatically. If your provider doesn’t do this, then the easiest way out is to delete the spam emails as soon as they arrive. You may also like to look at getting spam protection for your computer; we recommendMcAfee Internet Security. Whatever you do, don’t reply or click any links in the email, even the unsubscribe link! Any replies or interaction with the email aside from deletion can alert the spammers that your account is active; prompting them to increase the amount of junk they send to you.

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Q: Can I get a list of inappropriate/explicit websites so I can block these and stop my children accidentally accessing them when they are online?

A: Unfortunately there is no single list of all the 'adult entertainment' websites in the world which makes blocking them on your website difficult! But, there are several ways you can protect your children from these websites whilst online. gizmo recommends the use of a free Internet Filtering service known as K9 from BlueCoat which is available for both Windows and Mac that allows you to specify 'allowed' content based on a filter. Using this in conjunction with the Parental Controls web security system that comes with the latest edition of both the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, is quite effective in protecting your child whilst online. If you need help setting them up, contact us and ask for our Kids Safe Online service.

For more help please contact +971-4-3233320  or

Q: My laptop has recently started telling me it has failed a SMART test, does this mean my laptop is dumb? Can you please help me?

A: Not at all, modern Hard Drives contain a Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology Hard Drive Monitoring system, also known as SMART. This Monitoring System is used to detect and report on various indicators of reliability of a hard drive and can often anticipate Hard Drive Failures. If your Laptop is indicating it is failing a SMART test, something has changed on your hard drive and it is going to fail, this could be tomorrow or 6 months from now, but you need to address it now.

Given all of your data is saved here make sure you have a back up and get a Tech out to replace the Hard Drive before it fails for good.

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Q: My friends keep talking about people hacking into their wireless connection and "stealing" their Internet service. What does this mean and how can I make sure it doesn't happen to me?

A: Your friends are dead right! If your wireless Internet connection isn't secure, people can hack in and use your Internet service for free. And with all new laptops and smart phones offering built-in Wi-Fi, wireless security becomes even more crucial. Most older modems have WEP (Wired-Equivalent Privacy) security, which to be honest, is pretty darn easy for those in the know to hack into. WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) on the other hand, is more modern and significantly more secure. It's the best way to keep less-than-honest people away from your Internet service. If you'd like to secure your wireless Internet, give PCCARE a call on +971-4-3233320.
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